Friday, July 10, 2009

"You are so talented I would love to see you do something less boring and uninteresting. Try figures. And look up some design books."

Ouch. This was a recent comment on an Art Website about my work.


rahina qh said...

you are so talented i would love to see you do more of what your instinct drives you to do:) r.

Gary Keimig said...

I am reminded of the western artist, Frerick Remington who supposedly took the critics so seriously and now everyone knows who
fred was but name one of those critics.
Go always with your heart.
I certainly see no boredom in your work and see it as very masterful.
Good job and keep painting.

Thierry said...

I also thought figures were more interesting to paint. I was then very ignorant.
Now I know that Bruegel's and Friedrich's landscapes are as expressive as a Ruben's nude...
There is a figure in all your still lifes and landscapes, and it is you !
(excuse my English, but I'm French)